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TRANSITUS, in order to update its resources, is starting a new industrial auction service as well on national as international ranking. That industrial auction service mind is to offer to any company two key meanings: acceding to industrial goods or equipment and also a way for selling its own goods.

To be able to present this service, the company Udo Krichabaum TRANSITUS S.L., presents to its customers all the necessary tools. The website will offer to the all users an access to this service and also its great experience over the industrial sector for 25 years mainly for industrial machinery purchase and sale.

Through that website, any company will be able to get the necessary information about auction on consumer goods and also outbidding the good is interested in.

Udo Krichbaum TRANSITUS S.L. is offering that service not only as a web site but it is also managing the entire auction. Consequently, they manage the goods (lots) and the “in situ” auction so that they will get compatibility and coordination between the traditional and the new aged “online” auction.



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